We love a full dance floor and sore feet.

Music for your feet, since 2015.

What we're all about.

Founded in 2015, the WooHoo Band has been setting the industry standard for event music in the UK ever since. Our musicians are passionate about creating memorable events. Their talent and experience guarantees that every WooHoo Band event is seamless, so clients can focus on life rather than stressing over the details.

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Where it all began.

As students of music, studio regulars, and touring sound engineers for high profile bands, we started performing together in 2015. These gigs quickly turned into requests to perform at private events and festivals. We loved seeing the joy and full dance floors that we could bring to these events. We perfected our event planning, expanded our repertoire, added members to the band–and the rest is history!

Some Bands & Artists We've Performed With:

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